1 Tbsp of This Delicious Superfood Blend Finally Addresses What Harvard Doctors Call “The Universal Cause Of Aging” -- And Women Over 45 Have Seen Amazing Results

Dear Friend,
I’d like you to think about what aging looks like all over your face and body.

The wrinkles… the crow’s feet… the loose, saggy skin

Could aging be caused by something much deeper than sun damage, dry skin, or your genetics?
What if the answer is a resounding YES, and all that aging actually occurs on an internal biological level? Wouldn’t you want to know how to do something to make it stop?
That’s what I’d like to share with you today.

Right now we have the opportunity to live longer and better than any generation before us.

Because new scientific research has identified a biological “kink” that takes place in all of our bodies, right now, and it’s called Cell Wrinkling.

And apparently, it’s the root cause of everything we attribute to “getting older”...
Cellular wrinkling happens when your cells lose elasticity and literally bend and fold...

Which has all kinds of negative effects on your body and on your face.

How “Cellular Wrinkling” Damages Your Skin & Confidence -- And How To Fight Back

See… cellular wrinkling gradually manifests itself in lots of ways, and one of the more nasty ones is the lines and deep wrinkles that you get on your face.
They sneak up and appear as crows feet, sagging skin under your chin, loose skin on your neck, and all over your body.

I know because I struggled with all of it.

It wasn’t enough for me to just hate it. I had to learn how to fight it.

The lines and wrinkles forming on the outside are simply a big red flag about what’s really happening on the inside.

And you don’t want to make it a habit of collecting red flags in life.

Doctors at Harvard Call Cellular Wrinkling The “Universal Cause of Aging”

The good deal is, it can be fixed.
And no, you won’t need surgery or have someone stick needles in your face, which is a giant bonus.

And as if that were even possible in the real world, you won’t be handing over thousands of dollars for stem cell therapy either...

Instead, there is an affordable, safe, incredibly effective, super-simple and truly natural routine to support your cells so you look and feel radiant.

In As Little As 48 Hours You Can Feel Better and Have A Fresh Start As You Regain Your Youthful Glow

There’s a secret powerful ingredient, it’s something you are actually very familiar with. It’s probably something you’ve even tried in the past but has never been available in a product in the precise and incredibly useful way I’ll share with you today.
It is the biological answer for skin support and smooth structural texture. And it has the potential to make visible positive change to your skin.

And the positive changes you’ll see on the outside of your skin, are really a reflection of all of the healthy changes happening on the inside of your body.

The Key To Younger Skin And A Completely Rejuvenated Look Was Discovered At The Bottom Of The Red Sea

And the key to this inside job is found in a special group of extra nourishing superfoods.
Okay, we’ve all heard of superfoods before.

But these are selected from all around the world. And they are the BEST of the BEST, because mixed together, this group goes to work really fast and supports your body’s organs right away.

And we all know, our skin is our largest organ.

So we need to take care of it.

And the easiest way is by getting your hands on this particular blend of superfoods.

Some of which are found at the bottom of the Red Sea and a few other small bodies of water around the globe. And then harvested and grown in organic pools.

Marine Biologists discovered a way to harvest these nutrients… and preserve them in their most potent form using a unique flash “freeze dry” technology.

And they aren’t cooked in extreme temperatures that ruin their nutritional value, either.

Instead this new flash “freeze dry” technology protects each vital superfood so that they can be quickly and easily absorbed by your cells

This is called bioavailability.

Do you wonder how Julia Roberts or Kate Middleton... or people like Oprah Winfrey continue to look ageless?

Well here’s their secret.

They use nutrition.

So the brains behind this formula pulled together an all-natural, bioavailable, and super healthy way for us to do the exact same thing.
“Hello, Gorgeous!”
So get excited.
Because you don’t have to be a movie star, the Duchess of England or a media mogul to fight aging like one.

All you need are these rare superfoods, and you can get your hands on them today.

And you’re going to love how easy it is to add this little routine to what you already eat and exercise.

And even if you don’t follow a strict diet or belong to a gym, that’s OK! This is the perfect first step to kick start your way into feeling and looking better.

It’s like cracking the code for a healthy body and beautiful radiant skin.

Get The Nutrients You Need For Healthy, Glowing Skin -- Without The Dangerous Pills

Okay, I want to say up front this is not a pill, it’s food, it’s real nutrition.
It’s a healthy cocktail of super nutrients that are already pre-measured and mixed for you, which does not mean it’s one of your run of the mill greens drinks.

It’s a great tasting way to feed your cells so they can help you combat aging and produce fresh new skin.

You’ll feel amazing because you’re doing something great for yourself.

And if you’re skeptical… good. I want you to be because I was too. Yet be prepared to have all those doubts smashed the very first time you try this.

I’ve been disappointed by so many anti-aging products out there.

I’m sure you can relate? I think I’ve tried just about everything.

But this is so different, because it works.

And is backed by dozens of scientific studies…

(Did you hear the Harvard part at the top? Ya…)

Evidence. Facts. Research.

And not just Harvard! Doctors at the University of Virginia School of Medicine are working on this too.

And I love that part because it’s not smoke and mirrors. It’s real science that you can rely on and feel good about. What you put in your body matters.

REAL People Have Experienced Real Results In 60 Seconds A Day

The developers have had users as young as 30 and as old as 78 test this formula of superfoods to fight cellular wrinkling.
But this solution is the result of 3 years of human trials.

Yup, real results on real people like you and me— no rats, monkeys, or petri dishes, nothing.

This product works, and I refuse to keep quiet about it.

It isn’t a secret anymore… I want to tell everybody... including you.
Now, I want to stop here for a second and tell you… I’m 55.

And what you see in this very recent picture is a product of having used these powerful superfoods for about 8-10 weeks now.
Now that doesn’t mean that 8-10 weeks ago I was a shriveled crow…

But I can tell you that in these last 8-10 weeks— my skin and the way I feel has blossomed.

There’s video evidence.

Wait till you see the before-and-afters. It’s kind of dramatic. It really is, I was stunned when I saw them.

If you look close at my skin now, you’ll see the support of the natural key ingredient I mentioned a minute ago.

This Element Already Exists In Your Body Yet It Declines In Quantity And Production Over The Years

Yet it is so important that is not only the underpinning of fighting aging, it is essential to the effect of younger looking skin. I’m about to show you how to reintroduce this natural ingredient to your body in a way you probably have never considered.
It’s a lot easier to look in the mirror and see your face looking slimmer and the skin around your chin and neck looking tighter…

And it’s not all neck up either.

I’ve even noticed (shhhh)...

It’s made a difference in the cellulite behind my legs and a couple of other places in the first 7-10 days.

Really it just affirms this stuff works EVERYWHERE on your skin…

Why? Because your skin IS everywhere.

Your skin is your largest organ… and it’s the most exposed to damage. So you need to take care of it by feeding the cells with extra nutrition so they can regenerate and get their glow on.

You’ll feel rejuvenated from head to toe and believe me, you’ll want to show it off.
And people will notice

And they’ll ask…

“Did you get your hair cut? Your makeup done? Because…”
“You’re Looking Really Good!”
They will know, but you’ll tell them anyway…
Plus, you’ll enjoy more energy… a clearer mind… and maybe this is the best of all… a younger metabolism. That is true.

I’m telling ya, it’s a breakthrough… it was for me, and that’s why I feel I must share it with you.

So now that I’ve talked to about all of my lines and wrinkled… maybe I should actually introduce myself.

I’m Susan Crenshaw… one of the early testers of Prime Greens with Collagen. Yes, collagen delivered to your skin in a way that can reinvigorate your skin.

A little about me… I’ve been a mom to three amazing (and mostly grown now) kids and worked in the television industry for over 38 years.

I’ve worked on networks including HGTV, CBS, NBC, ABC, Lifetime, and The Discovery Channel. Lots of networks.

Like anyone, my family needs me to be healthy and feel good…

Yet, I would argue that I need me to feel good. And I want that for myself... and for you!
This is the moment to put yourself first…

Which is a choice a lot of us fail to make and pay the price for.

Get older, don’t BE older. Don’t look older.

Fight it tooth and nail…

Yet, do it safely and naturally.

I had to. See, my work depends on me maintaining a youthful complexion and energy to radiate wellness in front of the camera. That’s a big deal if I’m going to do my job well. It’s my livelihood.

So When Fine Lines And Wrinkles literally Slapped Me Across The Forehead…

When my cheeks started to kind-of droop a little bit...
And things weren’t looking so tight and great… I had to do something to change all that.
And I didn’t just FEEL like making a change…

I had to make a change.

It was an emergency. Because when you work in television… part of being good at your job is not “letting yourself go”... And I need to have control of that.

I looked in the mirror one day and said “Susan...girlfriend, this is going to go one of two directions. What’s it going to be?

And I decided to fight.

I decided to take back control in a natural and healthy way… not some extreme diet or dangerous pill.

Don’t you want that kind of control for yourself? Take it. It’s a choice.

Maybe your skin has aged faster than you want…

I get it… my skin had lost its glow. The texture had changed… I got more than just a smattering of fine lines… I broke out with full on wrinkles. I was dulling. I saw myself getting old. And I had to hit the stop button.

Sound familiar?

The breakthrough you’ve been waiting for is right here and now…

And it works regardless of your age.

In fact, the older you are, the better, because you’ll see greater results. Combine that with the wisdom, smarts, experience and confidence you’ve gained over the years and you’ll feel unstoppable.

I am 55 myself and if I’m being completely honest, I really dig it.

Because my job requires me to age VERY gracefully…

So when I caught a playback of some raw footage a few months ago… I saw the aging. The video didn’t lie like the mirror can, and that was the trigger.

If you’ve ever seen a photo of yourself and been horrified… Just imagine an entire TV show. It wasn’t fun.

How about this…

When you’re out and somebody posts a picture of you on their social media page… and all of a sudden there’s a photo of you circulating and it makes you cringe.

You don’t want to be egotistical, yet you also don’t want something out there that doesn’t show you at your best.

Now it was obvious to me that if I was going to continue to work and do what I love so much, things had to change.

I had to make a decision to lower my stress and take better care of myself in a way I could actually manage

Unwanted Lines And Wrinkles Snuck Their Ugly Way In My Life… And I was On A Mission To Get Rid Of Them

I started by trying different lotions and remedies without much of a difference. It made me feel so frustrated…
And then one day I was talking with my friend who is a makeup artist with her own beauty line and she said to me, “You realize your skin grows from the inside, not the outside.”

Easy enough to understand, right? So, “What do you do?”

Now, this is one of the most beautiful 60+ year old woman you’ve ever seen on the planet. Yet when she told me what SHE her routine to maintain her natural beauty and radiance… it just seemed too easy to believe it was true… or even possible.

And now, I wish I had listened sooner because it all has to do with what I’m sharing with you now…

Bottom line is, take care of your insides.

Before we get there though, I have said some pretty harsh things about myself here today, and I bet you probably do that to yourself too.

Stop right now.

And if you think what I’m talking about here makes sense, and you choose to do it for yourself, I bet those degrading voices will be a thing of the past.

I’m going to share this story with you. I auditioned for a role. It took me by surprise when I didn’t get called back for a second audition because the director was a really close friend of mine and he had asked me to come out for the part.

He called me to tell me why I didn’t get the second audition and compassionately said…
“Susan, You’ve Aged Out.”
Okay that is breathtaking…
Because you know what that sounds like to me?

“Susan, you can’t do your job anymore.”

And I need to work. I have a mortgage and kids… so not working is not a thing.

So my director friend asked me… “what are you going to do about it?”

I felt so vulnerable. I wondered if other people in my life had thought the same thing… and just didn’t say anything about.

Maybe you can relate to all of this.

You wake up one day and all of a sudden people treat you like you’re old and irrelevant…

Or worse…and maybe this happens to you as well...

Do You Ever Feel Invisible? Like Nobody Notices When You Pass By Anymore?

When we were younger we’d walk in a room and -- this might sound funny to say -- people would watch as you go by…

Maybe you’d get chatted-up. Or people would turn around and say hi.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m sure you don’t want to be the main focal point of a room. Or a bullseye for the wrong kind of attention…

And yet I started to feel like a ghost. Like my presence was slipping away. And maybe you have too. See...

When people stop looking…and stop paying attention

It gets harder to try.
You stop making those efforts and wonder if it really matters…
It’s a slippery slope a lot of people find themselves on…

And I can totally relate.

But here’s the truth…

You CAN Look As Young As You Feel… AND Get Your Radiance Back In Just A Few Minutes A Day!

Now, you and I both know aging can’t be completely reversed…
On the other hand, you don’t you want to look and feel as young as you can and keep people guessing?

See, there’s something mysterious… admirable… even sexy… about someone who gets older yet doesn’t look like they’re aging because they take care of themselves.

When you’re 30 and have good skin, people don’t think much of it… and probably neither did you.

When You’re Over 40, 50 or 60 and you have Radiant Skin… You Become A Phenomenon To Most People.

And while that’s all great…
Having radiant skin is NOT just about what others think of you. That’s at the bottom of the list.

It’s what YOU think of you.

It’s about how you feel.

How YOU face every day.
That might sound like a cheesy line you hear on a Covergirl commercial… yet it’s true.
So it’s time we admit, our appearance matters for a lot of reasons. Don’t feel bad about it.

Embrace it…

If looking younger makes you feel better… helps you perform better at work… and be more positive around your family and friends…

And you can do something easy and painless to get that youthful, radiant look … then sign me up.

Of course— that doesn’t mean you need to try anything extreme or expensive like surgery, crazy diets or miracle pills. Let’s not go there.

Like I said, I tried it all.

Drink more water… Moisturize morning and night… Wearing sunscreen whenever you leave the house ...… Exercise more…

I tried a retinoid treatment because many models swear by it… and it did nothing except make me red, peely and puffy.

I tried a purifying mask my friends really loves...

Facials at a local spa, (which are super expensive)…

And more lotions and potions than I care to think about. Most of them were ok. Some were even good for a bit…

And yet…

They didn’t get to the real root of the problem… and the problem was that my body did not have the supporting nutrition levels that create healthy skin.

Beyond that I was losing and producing less of my own collagen. How else would you deal with the issue?

I tried all the classic tricks, like:

Don’t squint to keep fine lines from forming by your eyes, and don’t use straws to prevent wrinkles around your mouth, and don’t raise your eyebrows to keep forehead lines away...

Really?? How impractical is that?

You’re really not going to smile when you’re happy? Or frown when you’re angry… or cry when you’re upset… or laugh at a good joke…

Who wants to constantly think “KEEP YOU FACE STILL” when you are out living your life?

You’re not some expressionless doll to be seen and not heard… You’re a strong woman! You laugh. You cry. And you like drinking out of a straw. Be proud of that!

I wanted my skin to be even-toned, fresh-looking and glowing… and I wanted a natural, healthy and PRACTICAL way to get there.

So I started to explore other options…

I went to a medical aesthetics clinic to learn how to prevent fine lines, wrinkles and get more answers to some general skin concerns.

Unfortunately, their message was…

“Short of lasers, collagen fillers, and botox, nothing will make a difference to any fine lines… Spend your money on procedures done in-clinic.”
Now— there’s nothing wrong with that. We all dabble and try new things...
You should know, though, it’s a lot of money for a temporary fix… and frankly, you’re putting poison in your body and using lasers…

I don’t know… I just wanted something that was natural.
So I had to look for other answers…
I did some research to see if there were any ways I could get my skin back… and more importantly... the way I used to feel back, naturally.

I Searched For The Secrets Of Older Celebrities Who’ve Never Gotten Plastic Surgery Or Botox Yet Look Better Today Than They Ever Have…

Like Halle Berry… who’s 52 and the girl does not look a year over 30… Kate Beckinsale… Julia Roberts…
I found many of these celebrities use someone called a Holistic Dermatologist

Which is a fancy way of saying, a natural skin care doctor.

They don’t use injections or common face washes with chemicals…

Plus they never recommend surgery. Instead, they use foods, spices, mixtures—all from nature

They rely on these incredibly dense nutrients and ingesting the perfect type of collagen to reinforce rebuild the support network of the largest organ that reflect your inner beauty.

Truth is, any kind of natural anti-aging tactics beyond my diet and lifestyle wasn’t even a thought...

Remember my stunning 60 year old friend— the makeup artist I told you about earlier?

Well, I went back and talked to her again. I went for advice but she did me one better.
She introduced me to the founder of the product we’re talking about today.

Again, I’ve tried almost everything up to this point… invested thousands of dollars into my own skin and lived a pretty healthy lifestyle.

So I was super skeptical and was ready to ask them all the tough questions and make them prove to us that this works.

And if they couldn’t do that, we wouldn’t be chatting today.

Reverse Years Of Aging In Just A Few Minutes Each Day!

So the founder of the company introduced me to a special drink you whip up in a few seconds every day…

He even showed me a new study from the University of Virginia School of Medicine that explains how working on a cellular level will slow the appearance of aging and nourish your skin from the inside out.
Turns out, this stuff has led the charge toward a natural way to take care of your skin at a cellular level.

All Anti-Aging Products Are Basically Useless Until You Fix The Cell Wrinkling Inside of Your Body…

Wait...For real? All that stuff in my bathroom cabinets is useless? I want all that money back… how about you?
So I asked…

What is cellular wrinkling in the first place?

He said,

According to Dr. Irina Bochkis, cellular wrinkling is when cells lose elasticity and bend and fold over on themselves.

What does that mean?

From Dr. Bochkis:

We have the same DNA in every single cell but each cell is different. So when the cell membrane has stopped functioning properly it wrinkles from the lack of a substance called Lamin, a cellular protein that comes in various forms, By putting the appropriate Lamin back, we smooth out the membrane, like retinol helps smooth face wrinkles.

So we can reverse the appearance of aging when we remove the wrinkles in cells, according to her.

Dr. Bochis first spoke about cell wrinkling in 2018.

It’s pretty cool that this stuff can not only work on your cell wrinkles that cause problems on your face… it also works deep inside you.

This Unique Solution Gets At The Root Cause Of A Majority Of Aging Problems

So this isn’t just about dull, wrinkled, and saggy skin… it’s also about your overall health.
See a lot of aging problems go a lot deeper than just your skin, but the lines are a symptom and the wrinkles are a warning sign.

So hey, at least the damn things are doing something useful.

No amount of sunscreen, moisturizer, or retinoid treatments… no matter how strong… could ever fix aging on a cellular level.

But there is a safe and natural solution to support your cells -- and therefore your skin...

It’s affordable, and so easy, and it actually helps rejuvenate aging cells...

It has been tucked away in a handful of forgotten super-nutrients just waiting to be rediscovered.

And even though it’s as new as 2018 …

This combination of age-old natural ingredients…

Some of which were found at the bottom of the Red Sea… and then grown in organic pools.

Have proven results and scientific evidence behind them…

Starting to get as impressed as I am?

Frankly, at that point, I was obsessed. That said, I wanted even more information before I felt comfortable enough to tell you all about it. It needed to be real.

I wasn’t interested in another product that promises to “reverse my age” or “change my life forever.”

And I wasn’t about to pass something like that on to you.

That’s not a job I would ever agree to.

Because I wanted us both to see and feel real results. Not some placebo effect or trick.

I decided, if I were to talk to you and the world about this… It had to be the whole, honest truth.

Once you put something down on film, and sign your name and reputation to it...
It lives forever out there. And there’s proof you said it.

There are so many lies and traps in the health and beauty industry that are sugar-coated with a giant layer of “marketing language”… and not much truth.

This time is different… this really works.

So back to the founder of this small natural anti-aging company…
Because my big question was…

“What Is In It And Why Does It Work So Well? Because I LOVE IT.”

He laughed and said, “We use a unique flash freeze-dry technology…
That keeps each nutrient inside these superfoods in their purest... most potent...

(and get this)…

Most bioavailable form.”

And that’s a huge deal. Your body has to not only get these nutrients in— it must be able to USE them too.

And with this NEW technology…

Your body is able to absorb almost all of the nutrients in their formula for quick, noticeable results.

Now… most “superfood supplements” or “greens powders” are NOT bioavailable, and here’s why…

Unlike the flash freeze-dry technology that protects the nutrients and keeps them ultra-potent and absorbable…

Other companies use a traditional heat-based process that zaps the good stuff

And kills the enzymes that absorb the nutrients from the greens… so your body can’t get to them, because they aren’t there anymore.

So With Most “Greens Drinks” On The Market, You May As Well Drink A Glass Of Water That Tastes Like Wheat Grass (YUCK!)

And it’s okay if you didn’t know that. I didn’t either. It’s good we know now…
It also explains why I have a cabinet full of powders that haven’t done a while lot.

Once I talked to the developer again, he dropped a name on me: Prime Greens with Collagen.
I like that name, because it speaks to the ability to live in the Prime of your life. Nothing will totally reverse aging, yet we are on the cusp of a revolutionary breakthrough…
A chance at true anti-aging. And I don’t say that lightly.

Research Published From The University of Wisconsin, School of Medicine, Shows Reversing Cell Wrinkling May Restore The Radiance Of Your Skin (11) (12)

Are you kidding me? That’s amazing.
I. Love. Research

And I love this product, which I believe helps me get to a place where I’m break through to being healthy and having great skin.

See, your cells are like a “gene warehouse”...
They have good genes that keep you young… and bad genes that make you feel and look old.

These bad genes stay bound inside of your cell, kind of like they’re shrink-wrapped.
But they’re constantly wiggling and trying to break out to harm you at a biological level. None of us want that.
Now, not to sound too sciency…

There is a special group of genes called sirtuins, also known as your “first responder” genes...

These first responder genes have two roles inside of your cell…

One: to monitor your bad genes and make sure they don’t break out of the shrink wrap…

And two: to protect your DNA from everyday intruders like UV light or free radicals, and from stress or toxins.

The problem is… when these first responder genes leave their posts to help support your DNA… there are none left to monitor your bad genes and keep them from breaking free and running wild. This is what causes cellular wrinkling…

Cell Wrinkling can show up with new or worsening lines and wrinkles on your skin. And it can create other problems too. Basically…

All Of The Issues We Credit To "Getting Old" Come From Cell Wrinkling…

The good news is...
The super-nutrients we’ve talked about produce more of these “first responder” genes...

In fact, one of these ingredients infuses your body with an infantry of first responders…

To help support your cells and maintain your youth, inside and out..

Turns out…

It’s so effective that one Professor of Biology at MIT— a private research University in Cambridge, Massachusetts— is calling it…

A New And Effective Approach To Protect Your Cells From The Ravages Of Aging.” (14)

And the best part? It doesn't require surgery or expensive therapies.

It’s safe, powerful, and for the first time in almost 50-years…

Even Celebrities Are Going All Natural, Ditching Botox And Facelifts For NEW Holistic Formulas…

Why? Because the real, scientifically validated secret to healthy looking skin is core nutrition, which includes the nutrients in Prime Greens combined with essential, absorbable collagen.
And we can have the same thing.

I tracked my progress as I got out of the shower in the morning… putting my hair in a towel… and filming short videos...

That way, I could see the changes… if there were any... in front of the same light every day at the same time with no makeup, no moisturizer and nothing done to my skin…

I know, it looks subtle at first…
Until you put them side by side. And then it’s like... wow. This stuff really works.
I have problems with dark spots that you’d normally have to take away with lasers… and I can’t do that because I have so much melanin in my skin…

So I get all this brown stuff called Melasma.

I think Prime Greens with collagen not only helped fade that Melasma, but even smoothed some of my wrinkles, brightened up my skin and it’s giving it better texture.

Surprisingly (and I wasn’t expecting this at all)…

Here’s a bonus I had some of the embarrassing cellulite I had on my legs… and a couple other places we don’t need to discuss here.

And it looks better.

Also, apparently this anti-aging thing will actually help boost metabolism. Mine seems kind of ramped up.
So I lost a little bit of that “pooch” I had around my middle, without extra effort.
And, I have a lot more energy…

I feel like I get more done because my get up and go hasn’t gone up and went.

And… I don’t want to get too personal… but when you take care of yourself, you feel sexier...
And I think that’s a good thing all the way around wouldn’t you agree?
I know that sounds strange for an anti-aging formula.

And yet, when you think about all the information you’ve heard so far, it makes sense.

And when you start to look younger in the mirror… you feel younger. You feel better about your body. And you become more confident and suddenly can’t wait to show yourself off on a beach, or a party.

REAL People Have Experienced REAL Results With This Anti-Aging Solution

Now this may all sound too good to be true…
Yet here’s a handful of regular people like you and me who have tested this solution and loved it.

Prime Greens with Collagen was the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin. I have sensitive skin, so I can’t use any lotions or creams like most women use to stop the signs of aging… and since I got my first wrinkling in my 30’s… I’ve been looking… But since Prime Greens worked from the inside out, I got firmer skin and wrinkles started being less noticeable... on top of that my eyes and complexion got a complete reset… even with my sensitive skin, something actually worked! I even remember my doctor said I had life in my face again and I told her what I’d been doing - taking Prime Greens every morning - thank you so much for showing me the way Susan!

- Lauren A.

Prime Greens with Collagen WORKS! --- I have tried several greens supplements including some of the well known ones. What I can confidently say is that nothing else I have tried has produced results that I can not only FEEL but actually SEE in the mirror EVERYDAY! --- You see, I am 37 and a first time mom to a 1.5 year old rambunctious boy. Not only that, but I decided to launch my own business 7 months ago so to say that I am busy, sleep deprived, feeling forgetful, and haven't been putting my personal health on the forefront of my never ending list of things to do is a dire understatement. It was at the end of a particularly draining day that I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror. My skin was dry in some areas, extremely oily in others, it was dull and dehydrated ...I realized that the hair I had lost after having my son was literally growing at a snails pace...all of my nails were thin and chipping...I just looked absolutely tired and had definitely lost any glow that I previously had. I had to start making changes. That is when I came across Prime Greens with Collagen. It is the first thing I take when I wake up in the morning and just 19 Days after adding this ONE THING it is obvious that my energy levels have increased, my skin is getting its glow back and looks and feels tighter, and my hair is actually growing! I actually feel sharper and clear headed. --- I have actually started to cut out coffee and have made Prime Greens with Collagen my primary morning and energy drink! --- Thank You Prime Greens for making it quick and easy for me to do something good for myself every day!

- Monica B.

I started taking Prime Greens on the advice of a friend a month ago. I had no expectations and just wanted to try and see if there would be any beneficial, noticable results. I am a healthy 62 year old woman with a fairly active lifestyle. The most noticable difference was the puffiness and lines on my face seemed to disappear. I will continue to take the product to see if, in fact, my nails become stronger. I believe that the product helps an an anti-inflammatory as I have experienced no aches and pains in my joints since beginning with Prime Greens. I will continue taking the product as I feel, over time, I will continue to reap the benefits.

- Mariann L.

These First Testers Absolutely Love What This Combination Of Super-Nutrients Plus Collagen Have Done For Their Skin And Confidence…

And that’s how you can feel, too.
How would you like to feel great when you have your picture taken… because you know you’ve recaptured your radiance…

And it shows.

My favorite part is you look great because you feel good, naturally.

I love that this holistic formula works from the inside, and fights against biological disadvantages that happen to us when we get older.

You can experience all of this and more and go head on at Cellular Wrinkling with just one drink a day.

Again, Prime Greens plus collagen…
Every batch of Prime Greens uses a unique flash freeze-dry technology to keep the freshness, potency and bioavailability of each ingredient… and ensures you get every benefit from those nutrients inside.
The collagen this provides you with is the best you can get. It’s precisely what you want your body to distribute, and it provides support for cellular structures and works to un-wrinkle that cellular wrinkling.

Prime Greens is manufactured in a GMP-certified and FDA-compliant facility— which is the gold standard of safety and quality

And that’s the security you deserve when you put something inside your body.

You Can Trust Prime Greens Because It Only Contains Natural Ingredients—Backed By Real Biological Science

Plus the “greens” portion inside Prime Greens has already been tested, taken, and proven effective for over 9,500 people
And has since been infused with a fast-acting collagen formula… that’s combined with a key ingredient so that your body can absorb every gram of collagen for maximum results, tightening and plumping your skin—
Which is an edge over any other product I’ve seen or tried…

Just Look At What Prime Greens Has To Offer Your Skin, Body, and Health— All Supported By REAL Research And Very Real Biology

The first ingredient is Spirulina…
Scientists are calling spirulina a “super-nutrient of the ancient world” for it’s youth-giving benefits that were once reserved for Egyptian royalty…

This green super-nutrient naturally ramps up your sirtuins production… remember the “first responder” genes we spoke about earlier...

Which are proven to push-off aging, rewind time on your skin, and even add years to your life? (15)

That’s the spirulina. And yet, in all honesty…

This spirulina formula would not be anything special without Prime Greens plus collagen’s one-of-a-kind Flash-Freezedry technology... Which allows you to get every bit of spirulina absorbed into your body... That’s the bioavailability that we’ve been talking about and you’ll see results both in the mirror and in how you feel on the inside…
Next is Chlorella....
The super-nutrient of the Red Sea that combats physical aging (16)...

Plus, Prime Green’s Chlorella gives you a 100% pure and potent serving of chlorophyll… a natural compound responsible for chlorella’s deep green color… that gently purifies your skin inside and out.

I think that’s what they call a detox. I’m telling you, whatever it is, it works. Chlorella is like a bodyguard for your cells…

It safely removes toxins and free radicals so you can look and feel young and energized well beyond your years (17)...
And Again— you’ve probably heard of chlorella and spirulina before.

However, the secret that makes Prime Greens so effective is their unique flash freeze-dry technology

Which makes THIS chlorella and spirulina the easiest and most potent combination that your body can absorb and use.
Then we have Pure Bovine Collagen…
Here’s the truth about collagen… and the trick is, it’s only able to plump, smooth, and tighten your skin after the wrinkles inside of your cells have been fixed. You see, collagen is what gives the support and smoothness you really desire.

Nutrition is the packaging of your healthy self... The bow and the wrap that light up your body.

That’s our potent spirulina and chlorella…

The actual present inside the bow and wrap is collagen. And this mix of both means you can experience the full benefits of collagen, which is why Prime Greens is a greens and collagen hybrid. (18)

That’s a big gift you can give your body. Because again, you can take collagen by itself… although it’s not going to get you the same type of results…

You see, Prime Greens was formulated to smooth out the cell wrinkling inside your body with spirulina and chlorella… which is precisely why your skin can use this pure bovine collagen to its fullest.

With the collagen in Prime Greens you’ll notice more strength and elasticity for your skin… And if your results are anything like mine… your face will look younger too.
Then comes the Maca… This Peruvian herb, once used by the Ancient Incas, is known for its libido-boosting superpowers…

And it doesn’t stop there…The increase in blood flow from the maca helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital

When you provide fresh nutrients and oxygen to the skin… and flush cellular debris out of your system, you will feel completely refreshed.
After that there’s the Barley Grass… A superfood loaded with a powerful anti-aging enzyme called Superoxide Dismutase. (20)
Another little-known super-nutrient, German scientists recently found barley grass slows the aging process of your skin because it protects against wrinkles and sagging.

As a nice side effect, the Superoxide Dismutase inside of barley grass also boosts your metabolism, which could explain the weight loss that a lot of our focus group experienced.
Next is Alfalfa… Ayurvedic Medicine calls this herb “the father of all foods...” It’s the most nutrient-rich plant in the world

Used to moisturize dry skin, improve complexion, while supporting hair and nail health… 

It’s also packed with key vitamins and minerals responsible for warding off the effects of aging. (21)
After Alfalfa we have Cinnamon… This “spice of the sun” is a century old cure for aging… 

Most holistic dermatologists use it as a fix for premature wrinkles
It’s also shown to bring blood to the skin for minor plumping as it removes embarrassing red bumps.
Then, there is the Goji Berry… 

This red Chinese berry is a proven anti-aging compound that not only gives you younger looking skin… 

but protects your skin from environmental damage as well. Last but not least...
Prime Greens with collagen is flavored with REAL vanilla bean for a great, natural taste… and that’s part of why I love this formula so much. It’s delicious.

 You’ll feel like you’re treating your body to something good for you without having to force it down.

Plus, there are no artificial sweeteners.

That said, the vanilla used in Prime Greens with Collagen is not just for flavor.

Vanilla is a rich antioxidant that can help prevent and reverse skin damage and fade fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. (24)

Each Ingredient Serves A Special Purpose To Help You Look And Feel Younger

There are no fillers, no added sugar, flavoring, or unnatural sweeteners.
Prime Greens with collagen is the best combination of nature’s most potent and proven ingredients for anti-aging, available to you at its highest grade thanks to Prime Greens’ flash freeze-dry technology that locks in the essential nutrients to bring out your natural radiance.

And you can get them all in one serving a day.
All you have to do is pour, stir, drink… and you’ll look and feel like the best YOU that you possibly can. You can enjoy a scoop of Prime Greens in a 12 oz. glass of water and it tastes great

So, I’m willing to bet you’ve not tasted a greens drink this good WITHOUT artificial sweeteners or added sugar…

And that’s because the formulators went through years of research and development to make sure this drink will not only change how you feel about yourself for the better…

They made sure it tastes amazing, too!, (If you’d like a little extra “sweetness” in your drink, natural honey works really well.)

Here’s What You Can Expect To Feel Taking Prime Greens with Collagen Daily For At Least 14 Days… Within The First 24 Hours…

You’ll likely feel a fresh flow of energy and more pep in your step.
Basically, this is your body’s way of telling you that its getting the nutrients it needs to support your cells.

See, everything in your body, good and bad, starts with your cells. So when these breakthrough super-nutrients get into your bloodstream (which takes about 30 seconds)...

You’ll feel different, in a really good way. In fact, this stuff makes you feel so great that you also feel kind of sexy and adorable. It’s likely from the dose of maca.

While all this occurs, Prime Greens’ high potency spirulina, chlorella, pure bovine collagen and other ingredients go to work “behind the scenes.” They support your cells and purge unwanted toxins from your body.

Pretty quickly you’ll begin to see the ingredients in Prime Greens with Collagen rejuvenate your skin

Your wrinkles, lines and age spots won’t completely disappear, yet you’ll start to notice they aren’t as deep as they were before.

And it’s likely that some may fade out because of the collagen and barley grass combination.

While other ingredients like spirulina, chlorella and alfalfa support repair of your cells, the others strengthen your skin and give it more elasticity. As a bonus you’ll have more energy and handle stress better from all the antioxidants…

After 7-10 Days, You’ll Be Pretty Excited To Look In The Mirror

Heck, you’ll be so confident in your skin that you’ll pull out your phone and take a selfie from bed without any touch-ups or makeup and love the way you look

I know that is true because I did it.

 One more thing about the ingredients... Barley grass…
Barley grass is packed with amino acids, which help your body retain muscle tone, and at the same time activate a younger metabolism so you have more definition and less body fat.

After You Take Prime Greens For 60-90 Days, Things Get Really Exciting

It’ll look -- and certainly feel -- like you’ve aged backwards. Of course, no one actually ages in reverse. And yet, your skin will make everyone wonder what your secret is, and every time you look in the mirror you’ll feel like you’ve done something really good for yourself. And that is a special thing.
So tell the next person… pay it forward.

Don’t keep this a secret. I was so excited that I couldn’t keep Prime Greens to myself, and that’s why you and I are talking right now. 

Here comes the kicker…

After You Allow These Ingredients To Fight Cellular Wrinkling For 2-3 Months…

You’ll notice your saggy skin tighten up on your face, hands, and neck… 

And the general shape of your face will start to look thinner and healthier.
But what’s even more exciting is the confidence you’ll feel and radiate to the world. 
I’m not kidding you, this is my favorite part: that fact that I look great from the inside out. It’s for this reason the formulators recommend you take Prime Greens for at least three months…

Because the benefits compound, all because you’ve taken Prime Greens with Collagen once a day…

So By Now, You Want To Know… How Do I Get My Own Supply Of Prime Greens with Collagen Right Away?

The truth is, there are only 2500 canisters of Prime Greens available.
Actually… that’s not true.

The number is really 2400 because no joke, I’ve reserved 100 of them for my friends and family, and for me! That’s not marketing nonsense, it’s the honest truth.

Remember... each supply of Prime Greens with Collagen is made in a certified facility using their patented flash freeze dry technology, and is tested by an independent third party lab to make sure each batch is pure and potent.

After these canisters are gone… it could take up to 10 weeks to get their next supply. Prime Greens is running this small 2500 bottle launch to gather even more testimonials, and that means you.

If you can read this page, that means there are still some canisters available because they will deactivate the page when the canisters are gone.

That’s why it’s so important that you get your Prime Greens today.

How Much Prime Greens Should A Person Take Every Day?

Just take one small serving a day and continue to take Prime Greens for at least 14 days… Your canister comes with a scoop so you don’t need to do any measuring.

Here’s why it’s important to take Prime Greens for at least 14 Days:

The potent ingredients inside of Prime Greens go to work immediately, and the longer you use it, the better your results. That is why I recommend you choose at least 3 bottles of Prime Greens...

And 6 bottles if you want to unlock the maximum discount.

Now, I’d like to restate that Prime Greens is only available on this website right now at a discount -- and is in extremely limited supply…

Normally, Prime Greens retails for $149 a canister.

HOWEVER, right now and through this website only…

You Can Secure Your Prime Greens Supply Today At A HUGE Discount.

Unlike some traditional greens powders… Prime Greens doesn’t use a heat-based process that bakes the nutrients and enzymes out of their formula. Most supplement companies do this to increase their shelf life in order to prevent wasted inventory. This process completely compromises their claims of potency or effectiveness.
Prime Greens is a small and honest company founded in Austin, Texas that wants to do things differently. 

So they keep each ingredient in their formula 100% raw, thanks to their unique “flash freeze dry” technology to preserve each vital nutrient in its most potent and usable form…
So you can be confident you’re not getting another half-baked green-drink that doesn’t live up to your expectations. No other greens or superfood supplement in the world is going through this same trouble to give you the very best solution to fight aging skin
Which is a HUGE relief... Because you don’t have to fear getting cheated by some second-rate supplement company.

Plus you can’t put a price on the benefits Prime Greens offers…

Like the chance to be in your “prime” in your 40s… fabulous in your 50s… energetic and radiant in your 60s... and beyond.

Prime Greens with Collagen gives you the self care you deserve that makes you feel amazing from the inside out.

You’ll radiate beauty, wisdom, health and vitality.

You’ll wake up with tons of energy, a younger metabolism, and more passion.

And expect to get a lot of attention and compliments from the people in your life…

Best of all, you’ll 
 feel underappreciated or invisible again…

When you think of all of this… $149 seems like a real steal to me.

This will NOT cost you $149, though. The creators of Prime Greens want to help as many people as possible, because they know this product outshines the competition.

And that is why when you order right now. You can get your very own bottle of Prime Greens for a one-time payment of $49. That’s $100 off.

And when you decide to stock up and save… you can enjoy over $120 worth of savings on each bottle.

And it gets even better… Prime Greens will cover the shipping if you live within the United States. Which is another 15 dollars of value put right back in your pocket.

Listen... most people who want to look and feel younger try just about everything to find a solution… I certainly did. And because you’ve read this far, you’re obviously not happy with the results you’ve seen from other products you’ve tried.

I’ve been there and I know exactly how you feel.

I’m so excited to share this information because I really believe in this product. Prime Greens makes it easy, affordable and convenient for you to experience all the benefits of taking care of yourself on both the inside and outside.

If you were to buy all the ingredients in Prime Greens separately and try to make your own blend, you’d pay up to $298 a month. That’s a lot of time and money to do it all on your own.

And even then, you could very likely order weak forms of the ingredients that have been damaged in the heating and preservation process.

Basically, to get the formula right is like catching lightning in a bottle.

Prime Greens has already done all the leg work for you so you won’t have to.

And because there are very limited supplies available, I get why you’d want to stock up on 6 canisters of Prime Greens today (I have 6 canisters in my cabinet right now!).

That is the reason Prime Greens created a substantially discounted multi-bottle plan… So that you can stock up and save on 6 bottles of Prime Greens…

For just $29 per bottle…

That’s $120 in savings… PER canister. Which is a savings of $600 when you order right now and that’s a heck of a savings.

If you take action today, you can get 6 canisters of Prime Greens — a $894 value — for just $174. It is worth it...

And again, that comes with FREE shipping and handling in the United States, which is a $14.95 value. You may not see this exclusive discount again, especially at the very low price if you choose to order 3 or 6 bottles today.

This is the pre-launch sales price… so once this product hits the shelves at your nearest health food store, or on TV, there’s no chance you’ll find these kind of savings again.

So choose the 6 bottle package (or any other package that’s right for you) below… And secure your supply today while they are in stock!
Now, after you choose a package, you’ll be redirected to a simple order form to fill out, And after that, your supply of Prime Greens will be on its way and will arrive within 5 business days from now.

This Tiny Investment Works Miracles For Your Skin & Health

Prime Greens can not only help smooth wrinkles and fade lines on your face, neck, hands, and the rest of your body…

It also will help your “insides” thrive. And when you thrive on the inside, you can ooze radiance, vitality, and confidence on the outside, and enjoy your life to the fullest.

A single bottle of Prime Greens puts you on a path to combat aging.

Three bottles guarantees you can continue to take Prime Greens without interruption.

And with 6 bottles of Prime Greens plus collagen... You get both of those benefits and save over $600.

So go ahead and choose a package of Prime Greens that works best for you by clicking the button below. And you’ll have peace of mind because you know that you finally have a solution to support your health, beauty and vitality.

Remember, this is the best deal the creators of Prime Greens will ever offer.

And guess what? Unlike those other supplement companies who give you a 60 or 90-day money-back guarantee… when you order Prime Greens today you get a 100% money-back, 365-day guarantee.

So try Prime Greens for yourself. You’ll see a dramatic improvement in your skin, energy levels, and self-confidence. And if you’re not happy for any reason, send the bottles back and get a full refund.

It’s that simple. No questions asked… no hassles… and no hard feelings. No hand-written letters or fighting with pushy salespeople like other big companies. None of that. This guarantee is designed to completely remove any risk or burden that might keep you from trying Prime Greens. You simply cannot lose.

So because your results are guaranteed, why not claim your risk-free trial of Prime Greens today? Choose from one of the package options below right now. With Prime Greens, you won’t just look younger… you’ll feel younger.

How big of a deal is that? You’ll get up every day and feel energized, and you’ll know you’ve done something great for your body when you drink something that is natural, nutritious and delicious. And you will see and feel those changes, inside and out.
Click The “Add To Cart” Button Below To Secure Your supply while they’re still in stock…

You Have 3 Options Of Where
To Go From Here…

Option 1: You can choose to give up and let age run its course.

Plenty of folks do that and, to be honest, they’d probably like it if you did the same. Because there’s something about radiant and naturally beautiful skin that makes others really want to be a part of whatever the heck you’re doing. And they get envious… even jealous.

So, if you’d like to stick with the “same old, same old”... and ignore the research from Harvard University and other science-backed studies that confirm the use of the potent ingredients in Prime Greens is kind of like drinking from the fountain of youth… and accept that the loose skin, dark spots and other signs of aging will never go away

You’re free to do so.

You can let the cellular wrinkles deep inside your body get worse…

Until they show up as facial wrinkles, ugly lines, or worse, an age-related health concern.

You can continue to live with the fact that you’re noticeably aging… And continue to have people write you off as “past your prime”…

Because they can’t see past the age marks on your hands… or the spots on your cheeks and neck.

And when your spouse says “you look beautiful,” you’ll think it’s a really sweet gesture, yet you’ll doubt he really means it.
Because if you’re honest, when you look in the mirror you only see how much older you’ve gotten.

And what’s worse is that if you choose this option and do nothing… there’s NO WAY OUT. And unless you do something to change your circumstances… you may always feel invisible… or tired all the time… or feel like you’re just not at your best.
And you might feel like a ghost who just walked into a room… and have that familiar, empty feeling of not really shining like you deserve

It’s miserable. And I don’t want that for you…

The good news is, there is a second option.

Option 2: You can take all the information you’ve learned and try to make your own version of Prime Greens.

Now, I’m not sure why you’d do that… especially because the founder and team at Prime Greens has done all the “heavy lifting” for you…

The creators of Prime Greens spent countless hours of research to find the exact right blend for full potency and effectiveness… They’ve spoken with holistic skin care doctors… scientists… and bioengineers... to make Prime Greens the #1 anti-aging greens drink available.
And they have given you the cheapest price you’ll ever see…

And have used only the best ingredients and most potent doses… and have implemented their very own flash freeze-dry technology that guarantees this supplement will do everything I’ve promised here.

Remember: the potency of most greens or collagen supplements are damaged in the traditional heating process…
This heating process makes them unusable… or not bioavailable by your body…

Not Prime Greens.


You could try and find another warehouse that uses a flash freeze-dry process… fair warning: you probably won’t find one. They’re few and far between...

And Prime Greens is one of the few companies that use this modern technology.

I suppose if you still decide you want to go it alone, you can order each ingredient separately — and pay up to $149 per batch. Again, I’m not sure why you’d do that. I mean… You could mix and match all 8 anti-aging breakthroughs in a cup hoping to get the dosage right for maximum potency…

However, the odds are good you’ll be “off” somewhere.

Plus… and I hope this doesn’t offend you… your mix of these ingredients will likely taste terrible because it’s really hard to just throw a bunch of ingredients in a blender and make it taste good. You really have to know what you’re doing to pull that off.

I know I couldn’t do it. And why would I want to? This way is EASY.

Personally, I think Prime Greens is the best tasting greens drink out there and I hope you’ll try it for yourself. Remember, Prime Greens comes with a 365 Day Money Back Guarantee. That means if you hate it for whatever reason, you can just send it back and get a full refund…

And if you try to make your own version, and plop down all that money, it’s completely at your risk. And if you hate it, well, you’re out of luck (and all that money).

There are so many reasons why this option isn’t good for you. Luckily there’s one more left… and it’s a smart one.

Option 3: You can order your supply of Prime Greens today!

All you have to do is claim your risk-free supply of Prime Greens now…

Once you do, they’ll ship them directly to your door. All that’s left is to try this breakthrough formula for yourself…

And watch with excitement as these 8 super-nutrients smooth-out your skin… reduce lines and wrinkles… give your face a youthful glow… and your body a fresh and steady flow of energy.

With all of this, your confidence levels will shoot through the roof.

You may even feel like a whole new person… because with every sip you can rest assured that your body is actually getting the help it needs on the inside…

Why sit back and watch other people reclaim how they used to feel while you stay stuck where you are now? The people you’ve seen on this page are not paid for testimonials or and there are no photoshopped pictures like what some other supplement companies use.

What you see here are real world results from people just like you.

This is the moment that can change your life and get the old you back

Remember, Prime Greens has a very limited supply… and these first 2500 canisters are going to go fast.

You’ll want to buy the 3 or 6 bottle supply to keep you stocked up so that you experience the compounding effect of this now not-so-secret way to feel young and radiant.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to heal your body and look younger.

All you have to do is click the button below to select the amount of bottles you want delivered straight to your door.
I am so excited to see how Prime Greens improves your skin, your body and your life.

That I want you to stay in touch with us… and with me… I want you to let me know what you think… and we’ll have ways for you to do that after you complete your order below…

Still Have Questions About Prime Greens?

Here are some of the common ones…